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It doesn’t matter that my songs aren’t great.

It doesn’t matter that I sometimes sing flat.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t know the difference

between a snare drum and a… a… …hi-i-igh hat!

‘Cuz… Everybody in this room wants to fuck me right


Mm mm mm. Mm mm mm. Mm mm mm. Mm mm mm.

Everyone who’s on TV, they wanna fuck me right now.

Everyone including me. I wanna fuck me right now.

I’m a hot chick singer and I’ll fuck with your

mind. So much that when you fuck your wife you’ll

have to fuck her from behind.

Everybody in this room wants to fuck me right now

Mm mm mm. Mm mm mm. Mm mm mm. Mm mm mm.

Like you, sir. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Hold on a second, whore. I'm not sure I do wanna fuck her. I don't know where you've been. And my sweet little wife is fast asleep in the next room. And to that sir, I say "Good for you!" But when you crawl under the sheets with that little lady tonight? And you give her a tussle. The same tussle you been givin' her the same exact way once every other week for goin' on... what? 8 or 9 years now? And she's wearing those granny panties of her's 'cuz she didn't get to the laundry and it's her time of the month and she says "Don't touch me down there, cuz I'm dirty! And don't do that cuz that hurts my back! And that hole's for poopin'! And you think back on this sweet conversation we're having right now, you and me? And you fantasize about what I'm wearin' which are these real cute little Daisy Duke shorts?...
well, trust me. And I mean trust me, sir. You're gonna wanna fuck me!

That’s the power of the microphone. That’s the

strength of the guitar. Wouldn’t happen if I

played the trombone. Wouldn’t happen with a sitar.

You know what I’m talkin’ about. Those ladies who sing like “ah ah ee ah ee… I wear a sheet over my head and goat is delicious! I mean nobody wants to fuck THAT, right? Right.

But! Everybody in this room wants to fuck me right now.

Hey hey yeah, fuck me right now. Ho! Fuck me right now! Thank you.


from We Got A Spill In Aisle 3, track released January 1, 2010
written by mary birdsong and julia darling, ©2005
vocals by mary birdsong
produced and recorded by mike ruekberg
guitar and keys by mike ruekberg
drums by sam primero
bass by steve agee
additional percussion by jimmy englund



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